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Thursday, August 25, 2011

 As many of our customers know ProCare has added LipoGel to our wound care line. Prior to pulling the trigger on this addition, we researched the product thoroughly. Interviews with Dr. John Kennedy (founder of GenTex, manufacturer of LipoGel), studying the research, and working with doctors in the wound care field gave us confidence that LipoGel would work as advertised. But all of the white papers in the world will not replace first-hand accounts of a product's success.

LipoGel offers two variations of the lipid gel. The standard gel serves as a biofilm inhibitor reducing the bioburden in the wound and disrupting the ability of bacteria to mature. When coupled with NPWT, the gel also serves to protect fragile new tissue from meshing with the NPWT medium. The results are noticibly increased healing rates over traditional standard NPWT. LipoGel Rx has all of the features of the standard product, but also allows clinicians to identify the true nature of pathogen types and counts present in the wound with DNA accuracy. Previous to the introduction of this product, clinicians have been able to treat less than 5% of active bacteria present in the wound (Dowd, S.E. Healing Society, April 2011). 

Our conversion to the Kool-Aid came by way of a chronic foot ulcer. The patient was a non-compliant 37 year old female. The wound had a documented history spanning over six months, and the treating physician feared that amputation was the last course of action. ProCare suggested the use of LipoGel Rx in conjunction with the existing NPWT therapy. Treatment began June 27, 2011 and ended July 21, 2011 with closure of the wound. The physician, home health caregiver, and all of us at ProCare were amazed with the spectacular results. And the patient was pretty happy too. It was a last ditch effort that really paid off. ProCare has seen constant positive patient outcomes, and we look forward to many more.

For more information on LipoGel or LipoGel Rx, or to request copies of the LipoGel clinical research contact your local ProCare representative or call 866.633.5755.

Posted by procare at 8/25/2011 9:18:00 PM

 We like to think of ourselves as relatively social people at ProCare. In fact, I have left my office on at least two occasions this month and interacted with at least four people. To celebrate the intensity of my new social calendar I have decided to start posting Facebook specials at irregular intervals. Random connection right?

Facebook friends of ProCare will receive offers, via our awesome FB page, for some of our most popular items for nothing or very close to nothing. Yesterday we posted an 18"x16"x3" wheelchair cushion for $4! The wheelchair will be on the block next. Most of this stuff will be new, but we will occasionally have a gently used and refurbished pieces available as well.

Participation couldn't be any easier (unless you don't have a Facebook account, then it could be easier). Just look for us on Facebook (you don't have to look hard... ) and click the like button. If you really want to be cool, suggest our page to your friends. It is a statistical fact (myth) that people who are willing to suggest specialty medical company Facebook pages who's offices cover Idaho and Nevada are 200% more likely to experience nirvana within their lifetime. So you've got that going for you.


Chris Hunt

Posted by procare at 8/25/2011 4:34:00 PM
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

      A good friend of mine had the misfortune of a family member seriously injuring themselves in a fall accident. Her mother fell down a set of stairs while visiting relatives out-of-state which resulted in a lengthy hospital stay. My friend rushed to Montana to be by her mother's side. Thankfully her mother is on a steady road to recovery, and is now back home with her family. However the discharge process was less than smooth, and more than stressful. Here are a few ideas to help make a stressful situation a little easier.

     When you are dealing with the trauma of a loved one, the moment is often all that matters. If you can look ahead to recovery, you will gain hope and the ability to make a smooth transition back home. Trauma resulting in hospital stays will often require special medical equipment in the home during recovery. Most of the time we try to get all of this lined-up at the last minute. The inability to have everything ready could delay discharge from the hospital resulting in another day or two stay in the hospital.

     Once the situation has calmed-down, it is time to start puting the puzzle together. It isn't that difficult as long as you know where to find all of the pieces. Start in the hospital. The professionals working with your loved one will be your best resource. Physical therapists will know what the most important Home Medical Equipment (HME) will be. Ask them for a starter list, and ask them to keep you updated with any changes or additions. These items will often include: Wheelchairs, crutches, toilet risers, bed frames, oxygen, walkers, grab bars, etc. Begin compiling this list as soon as you are able.

     The next step will be to visit the hospital's discharge planner (case manager). This is the individual within the hospital responsible for transitioning your family member back into the home. Discharge planners have access to lists of providers able to supply the HME needed for your family member to go home. There are typically several providers in an area that could provide the HME you will need. The trick is to make sure you pick the right one. Ask the discharge coordinator specific questions. Find out if any providers come more reccomended by patients than others. Ask if the provider has the ability to bill your specific insurance. Then google the providers you are interested in using and see what information the search provides.

     Finally, begin dialogue with the HME provider. Find out about delivery schedules, co-pays, and follow-up service. What are their hours of operation? For larger equipment such as air surfaces and negtive pressure, will they be available in the middle of the night if something goes wrong with the product? There are several HME providers, but not all provide the same level of service. A good HME provider will work with you to make the transition home easy and stress-free. 

Posted by procare at 5/11/2011 3:32:00 PM
Wednesday, April 20, 2011
It's time for all of us to start thinking about spring cleaning. The time of year we break out the broom and chase cobwebs out of those dark corners we haven't thought about since the last spring cleaning expedition. At ProCare, we want to help. We won't show up with brooms and mops, but we are looking for that equipment that has been in your facility for a while.
Posted by procare at 4/20/2011 8:38:00 PM
Monday, April 11, 2011
ProCare launches Patient Ready Certified Program
Posted by procare at 4/11/2011 5:45:00 PM
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