ProCare is dedicated to providing patients, providers, and facilities with quality educational resources to expand your knowledge and improve your experience with medical equipment.

Dedicated to Education

We want every patient, family member, or care provider who visits this site to find useful information about medical equipment. We are continually improving our resources section. This section will include set up instructions, informational documentation, a FAQ, and a place to contact us and ask questions.

Patient Resources

The Patient Resources section contains information for patients and their families to learn more about the products we offer and how to use and maintain them. As we continue to expand this section you will periodically find new documents.

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Provider Resources

The Provider Resources section contains information for service providers and facilities to learn more about our medical equipment, device specifications, and maintenance information. We will continue to add documents to this section, so check back.

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If you have any questions about medical equipment or our service, please contact us here. The technicians at ProCare are always ready to help 24/7.

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We’ve provided skilled nursing and hospice facilities with quality, clean, and timely medical equipment since 2007! Have your facility contact us today for a free medical equipment consultation at (208) 322-5055 or by email at