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Patient Ready Certified
ProCare launches Patient Ready Certified Program

 We are proud to announce the launch of the P.R.C.™ (Patient Ready Certified™) program. PRC™ is a self imposed standard to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest quality product available. This quality includes having a sanitized product that greatly reduces the risk of cross contamination, a standard we have been living up to for years. So why the announcement? 

In today's market it has become more important than ever to derive the most value for the money. This is true for our facility clients, as well as for the patients and families they serve. Many medical equipment providers will tout the lowest price as  the sole purpose for using their product. We believe that price is only one of several factors to consider. For this reason, we have taken our existing practice and given it a name, Patient Ready Certified™.

At ProCare, we hand wash every piece of equipment. Each air surface is broken down into individual components and sanitized. Every pump, blower, CPM, and electronic good is scrutinized down to the individual screwholes, and cleaned with cotton swabs and toothbrushes. Our bed frames are cleaned from top to bottom, and hand washed with painstaking detail. This process takes hours to complete. The result is worth the effort. Patient families can take comfort knowing that their loved one is in good hands. Our care givers know their patients are safe from cross contamination.

Now we contrast P.R.C. to the industry standard. Pumps and hard goods are sprayed and quickly wiped. Surfaces are sprayed and hung to dry. The process takes only minutes, and is considered to be technically "clean." The problem with this standard is the lack of a true sanitary standard. Biological material may remain undetected, hidden from site and untouched by a quick wash process. Products are delivered with this bio material, patients and care givers are unaware of its presence. This in turn may increase the risk of cross contamination from the previous user.This becomes more critical when patients have compromised tissue or immune systems. MRSA, staph, and TB are common place in skilled care settings. Facility staff are skilled in the practice of isolating these patients from spreading illnesses to other patients. What about the risk of contamination from the rental equipment that we assume is sanitary?  We would never knowingly let our families use these products. 

Demand a high level sanitization of every piece of equipment that comes into your facility or home. Demand the P.R.C.™ standard of cleaning. Ask your provider to explain their cleaning protocols, but more importantly, look at the equipment that is brough in. Take a cotton swab and run it into the small unnoticed areas. Does it come out clean? Do you see material in the "tough to reach" areas? Demand the best for your patients and family members, demand P.R.C.™ You'll know when you see the label.

  • Cleaned to the highest standards
  • Functionally tested for reliability
  • Packaged to maintain cleanliness
  • Inspected and signed for accountability
Posted by procare at 4/11/2011 5:45:00 PM
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Re:Patient Ready Certified
I was just speaking with a dealer in another part of the country. I was talking about the PRC system and he mentioned a term I have never heard before: Burn-n-Turn. This is where a dealer picks up a dirty air bed from one facility, gets a call from another and just changes the top sheet. That is nasty! Great example of why PRC should be the new standard.
Posted by procare on 4/12/2011 12:20 PM