Seating & Positioning

ProCare offers a full range of Seating and Positioning devices to ensure both safety and comfort of patients. These include devices like posture supports, lateral pads, wedge cushions, supports for arms, legs, and feet, and replacement seats for wheelchairs.

Specialty seating solutions exist to accommodate the particular needs of patients to maximize comfort and safety.

ProCare’s experienced technicians are prepared to deliver, set-up, and teach patients and caregivers on the operation of specialty seating and positioning equipment.

Seating & Positioning Equipment Offered :

  • Positioning Chairs
  • Wedge Cushions
  • Lateral Pads
  • Posture Supports

All ProCare Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is Patient Ready Certified™ which guarantees that our equipment is sanitized above and beyond the industry standard to protect patients, their families, and providers from cross-contamination.