Patient Ready Certified

Patient Ready Certified™ is ProCare's higher standard for rigorously sanitized equipment. We understand the importance of making sure that every piece of equipment is truly sanitary before it reaches your patients. 

Why Does It Matter?

There's a wide disparity between the industry standards of "clean" equipment and truly clean equipment. Industry standard mandates little more than a surface wipe with germicide, or the replacement of a top sheet. These methods do little, if anything, to address the contaminates harbored in the cracks and crevices, in the corners that aren't easily reached, or beneath the top sheet that has been soiled for several months by the previous user of the product. These residual contaminates pose the risk of cross contamination (infection passed from the person(s) who used this equipment before).



We have a full line of medical equipment to suit your skilled nursing or hospice facility's needs. 

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Maintenance & Repairs

We can repair or clean almost any medical equipment, even if it wasn't distributed by ProCare.

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Not sure which option is right for you? We offer complimentary medical equipment consultations. Contact us today!

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