Support surfaces are specialized mattresses used to suit a variety of patient needs and conditions. Surfaces can be constructed from multiple materials including gel, foam, air, and water.

Additional features may include Air Fluidization, Low Air Loss, Alternating Pressure, Multi-zones, Lateral Rotation, or Turn Assist. The usage of each option depends on the activity level, special needs, and comfort of the patient.

ProCare specialists are fully trained on the usage of every support surface we offer and are ready to answer all questions you may have. You may also use our Support Surface Order Guide to determine which type of surface is right for you.

Surfaces Offered:

  • Basic Therapy
  • Intermediate Therapy
  • Pressure Redistribution Surfaces
  • Advanced Therapy
  • Lateral Rotation Therapy
  • Full Pressure Redistribution Services

All ProCare Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is Patient Ready Certified™ which guarantees that our equipment is sanitized above and beyond the industry standard to protect patients, their families, and providers from cross-contamination.

Therapeutic Support Surface FAQ