Lifting & Transfers

Patient lifts (or transfer devices) are designed to assist limited mobility patients and their caregivers in any activity that requires moving from one location to another.

These devices help keep patients and caregivers safe and secure during activities like using the restroom, taking a bath or shower, getting into or out of a car, and moving in and out of bed.

We offer standard patient lifts, Hoyer-style patient lifts, Sit-to-stand lifts, and multiple options for slings.

The dedicated staff at ProCare is always ready and willing to answer all of your questions and help you select the best equipment for your specialized needs. ProCare adapts to you and your patient’s needs.

Lifting & Transfer Equipment Offered:

  • Standard Patient Lifts
  • Hoyer Style Patient Lifts
  • Sit to Stand Lifts
  • Multiple Sling Options

All ProCare Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is Patient Ready Certified™ which guarantees that our equipment is sanitized above and beyond the industry standard to protect patients, their families, and providers from cross-contamination.