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Just Five Things Part V: Experience

After a long relaxing vacation, it’s time to get back to work and produce the long-anticipated conclusion to this series. This month we are going to discuss how experience matters with your DME provider.

Prior to my 25-day vacation, I thought about how my team would be tested in my absence and wondered how they would respond. I’m glad to say this ultimate test of teamwork was a success. After nearly 20 years of owning a company, this is the first time I can say that everything ran smoothly and I didn’t receive one panicked phone call, or have to spend a substantial amount of time putting out fires. Why was this the case? It really came down to one key variable… experience!

According to the most recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national number of total separations from companies continues to rise. Fortunately for ProCare we don’t fall into this statistic, when others zig we zag. Employees at ProCare stick around for the long run, leading to a low turnover rate. As a result, the team can learn and grow together, becoming better and better at what we do.

How does this help the patient? Because our technicians stick with us, they continue to train and learn not only the equipment, but the unique markets we serve as well. They understand that hospice and skilled nursing are not the same, and that delicate situations are a part of the job and must be handled in calculated ways.

By deploying well-trained and highly-experienced technicians, our patients receive expert, high quality instruction and care.

Our staff is enveloped in ProCare’s culture of compassion and service. Thus, our philosophy of, “we are an extension of your brand” philosophy helps your organization look more professional. We often get calls from our client partners letting us know that they received a compliment about their DME service. Word of mouth is huge. Achieving a great reputation means more admissions.

Is your DME company experienced in your specific industry? Are their technicians trained both in the use and education of the equipment and how to handle your patients and their families? There are some amazing DME partners out there. Make sure yours has the experience necessary to bring you the highest value.

Posted by procare at 7/24/2017 10:16:00 PM
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