Patient Ready Certified

Patient Ready Certified™ is ProCare's standard of patient clean equipment. We understand the importance of making sure that every piece of equipment is truly sanitary before it is sent to our customer for use. 


Why does this matter?

It is our view that there is a wide disparity between industry standards of "clean" equipment and truly clean equipment. Industry standard mandates little more than a surface wipe with germicide, or the replacement of a top sheet. These methods do little, if anything, to address the contaminates harbored in the cracks and crevices, in the corners that aren't easily reached, or beneath the top sheet that has been soiled for several months by the previous user of the product. These residual contaminates pose the risk of cross contamination (infection passed from the person(s) who used this equipment before).

The PRC™ Difference

Below are comparisons of industry standard practices for medical equipment vs. PRC standards.

Equipment Type Industry Standard PRC Standard Concerns
Air Surfaces Change the top sheet and maybe spray the inside with germicide. Spray and wipe the surface of the pump with germicide. Total time: 10 minutes Top sheet and base are sprayed with hospital grade germicide and machine washed. Air cells are removed and hand washed with HG germicide. All tubing and connectors are hand washed with HG germicide. Pumps are saturated with HG germicide and hand washed. All cracks and crevices are addressed using small brushes and cotton swabs to ensure all material has been removed. Filters removed and replaced, full functional test on every unit, every time. Total time: 2+ hours Industry standard allows for bio-material to remain on the equipment between patient uses potentially transferring infections from one patient to another
Bed Frames Spray the top deck with germicide and wipe. Total time: 15+ minutes The entire bed, including motor, lifts, under carriage, and casters are sprayed with HG germicide and thoroughly wiped. Cracks and crevices are addressed to remove any residual biological material. Any removable parts are detached (head and foot board, side rails, etc.) and thoroughly sanitized. Bed is reassembled and a full functional/safety test is performed. Total time: 3+ hours Industry standard does not address anything beyond patient surface. Bacteria and biological material collects and has a strong potential to spread from one facility to another.
NPWT Pumps, CPMs, Misc Hard Goods Spray the exterior with germicide and wipe. Total time: 10 minutes The entire unit is sprayed liberally with HG germicide and left to sit for 10 minutes to ensure germicide has the necessary time to kill any present bacteria. The unit is then re-sprayed and wiped. All crevices, screw holes, and other hard to reach areas are addressed with small brushes and cotton swabs to ensure complete removal of any existing bio-materials. The units all undergo a full functional test at the end of every cleaning to ensure proper functioning of the product for every patient. Total time: 45+ minutes Residual biological material builds up inside of hard to reach spots. This material may harbor bacteria and/or viruses. Standard cleaning practices just aren't enough.


This table does not represent the entire process for every piece of equipment, our product list is vast and so are our requirements. To properly sanitize medical equipment takes time. This is time that industry standard DME providers can not and will not take. We know that you expect the best for your patients and their loved ones. If you don't see the PRC label, ask your facility to call us.


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