About Us

ProCare Medical Equipment enhances quality of life missions. We provide specialized medical equipment to professional care organizations and the patients they serve. Our clients include hospice organizations, skilled nursing facilities, and inpatient rehabilitation centers. Our highly trained staff and attention to detail make us the preferred equipment provider of health care professionals. Our desire to provide the best possible customer service extends beyond our organization helping our professional care partners increase care, decrease costs, and focus on what they do best.

ProCare is a durable medical equipment (DME) distributor based in Meridian, Idaho serving Southwest Idaho professional care organizations. Our customer base includes skilled care facilities, hospices, and inpatient rehabilitation hospitals. Our staff is highly trained and deeply compassionate. Our personal ministry is to improve the lives of everyone we serve, to be a resource for our clients, their patients, and the patients’ families. Our success is measured in the number of personal relationships we earn.



Our mission is to create a strong and solvent company through service to processional care agencies and the patients and families they serve. We enhance the loves of those we touch, we bring value to our client partners, and we operate profitably, responsibly, and ethically.


  • We strive to become the primary provider of durable medical equipment (DME) to professional care agencies (skilled nursing facilities, hospice agencies, and rehabilitation facilities) in Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

  • We will maintain our positive work environment continually seeking positive improvement attracting the highest caliber of employees.

  • To operate efficiently providing positive returns for all stakeholders including employees, shareholders, customers, and the communities we serve.


  1. Compassion is a core characteristic for all ProCare team members. We love our company, our customers, and the people we are blessed to serve. We truly care about how we affect those around us.

  2. We always act with integrity choosing the ethical over the easy.

  3. We are honest. We always choose truth over profits. We speak honestly, especially when honesty is most difficult.

  4. We are diligent. We demonstrate attention to detail, follow through, and determination in the face of tribulation. Our team will always persevere.

  5. We value team work. We celebrate one another’s successes. We lift one another up when times are tough. At all times, we work together with the customer’s best interest at heart.

  6. Family is at the core of everything we do. We work to provide for them, we seek quality time with them, and we provide comfort to the families we serve.

  7. At our core, our only true product is the service we provide. We are committed to being the best service company in every market we occupy.

  8. No team can function without trust. We are committed to earning and keeping the trust of our team, our customers, the patients we serve, and the families that count on us.

  9. We are accountable. We accept responsibility for the duties assigned, the service we provide, and our own actions.

  10. We are forward thinking. Progress is made through innovation. We will continually seek new and better ways to achieve our goals.

Our corporate philosophy centers around 3 key points:

Positive patient outcomes

Our product lines consist of the highest quality products giving that positive outcomes edge to our caregivers and our agents are trained to ask the right questions to bring your patients the right equipment.

High customer satisfaction

Our focus is on the customer. It becomes apparent from the time they call to order and continues throughout the life of our relationship. Every customer should feel like our only customer. If your current DME provider isn't making you feel special, click here and see if we can help.

Market meneuverability.

Our "Small Company Mindset" reminds us that our customers are our primary asset and allows us to respond to their changing needs.