Every year approximately 1,000,000 pressure ulcers occur in the U.S., and approximately 50% of those occuring in a hospital are charged to the receiving skilled nursing facility. With treatment costs exceeding $25,000 per wound and survey fines reaching up to $5,000 per day facilities must make decisions quickly or face financial calamity. Does your current system provide the safety net your residents deserve? The Encompass Wound Management System™ by ProCare Therapy Solutions is designed to improve patient outcomes, reduce the cost associated with wound therapy, reduce liabilities associated with wound care therapy, and increase revenues.

Patient Outcomes

 Encompass is designed under the premise that an effective wound care program relies on three primary concepts:

The focus of the Encompass System is prevention because prevention is always more lucrative than repair. Our goal is to keep your residents in the prevention stage of the program. However, our treatment and post-care products are selected to reduce the time and expense associated with wound care. Our entire line has been chosen to provide pressure management to every patient interface including beds, wheelchairs, geriatric chairs, and specialty seating solutions. Our Negative Pressure Wound Therapy units provide Variable Pressure™ as well as constant therapy in both gauze and black foam dressings. Our Advanced Therapy NPWT dressings are clinically proven to reduce closure times by over 85%.


Rentals add cost for every wound patient in your facility for the duration of therpay including long-term prevention measures. Additionally, many providers are not accredited and do not follow cleaning procedures appropriate to eliminate cross contamination. Few companies will spend the hours necessary to maintain sanitized equipment in this cost competative environment.

Purchasing equipment is rarely handled appropriately in a skilled care facility. Equipment is often placed on patients inappropriately and often ends up damaged, lost, or broken well before the end of its expected life. Additionally, most facilities do not have the resources to properly sanitize the equipment and the results are offensive odors in the hallways and lobbies. Smell is a determining factor for potential clients.

The Encompass System is designed to provide reliable low-maintenance equipment that will last well beyond the economy options provided in equipment catalogs. In fact, our equipment pays for itself in 7 months or less and the system is designed to provide 3-5 years of useful product life. A ProCare professional would be happy to provide you with a customized cost analysis. Click here to contact us or call at 866.633.5755


From cross-contamination to state, federal, and accreditation risks the liability associated with wound care is nearly immeasurable. Learn how the Encompass Wound Management System™ can help reduce your facility's exposure.


Our program is designed to for a rapid return on investment. Most equipment pays for itself in less than 7 months with an expected useful life of 3-5 years. Our clients average a bottom line increase of over $61,000. Click here to contact us or call at 866.633.5755 to find out what we can do for you.


If we could increase your positive patient outcomes, reduce your liability and costs, and improve revenues is there a reason you wouldn't participate? Call now and see what we can do for you.

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